BXR Series Translucent Roof

BXR Series T-Roof sets new standards in durability and performance.

New BXR Translucent Roofs from US Liner are clearly a brighter idea. As the industry leader in advanced thermoplastic liners, we’ve heard the many problems with traditional translucent roofs.

Fact is, the current generation of translucent roofs couldn’t stand up to the demanding expectations of the trucking industry. They tore easily, were susceptible to extreme heat buildup, became brittle over time and cracked from the effects of weather and UV radiation. Quite frankly, even the mention of “Translucent Roof” and the typical reaction was, “No, nothing but problems!” But now, there is a brighter choice...BXR from US Liner.

BXR from US Liner is an enlightened choice.

Made from multi-layer, glass-reinforced polypropylene, BXR Translucent Roof is ideal for all dry freight van applications. Engineered for superior performance, BXR panels will make you rethink what you’ve come to expect from traditional translucent roof materials.

Another innovation from the industry leader.

You know US Liner as the company that protects more dry vans and reefers than any other company.

We engineered BXR Roof panels with a unique, five-layer construction using proven Versitex and Bulitex. Reinforced with continuous, glass fibers - both woven and non-woven - BXR provides exceptional impact strength while permitting a high-level of light transmittance without heat build-up.

BXR Series is number one

The thermoplastic properties of BXR Series T-Roof Panels also provide maximum energy absorption, reducing the likelihood of cracks and punctures. Thermal expansion properties are similar to aluminum.

BXR Series is maintenance friendly, too. Minor damage can be repaired by applying low-heat, not chemicals, like fiberglass.

General Information


Product Code: BXR Series


Dry Freight Vans, Truck Body and Storage Containers


BXR Series is a translucent, multi-layered, thermoplastic composite material comprised of polypropylene resin, reinforced with continuous woven- and non-woven glass fibers to create high impact resistant panels. Since ambient light can pass through BXR Series, it is ideal for dry freight van roofing applications. Evenly distributed physical properties are attributed to its hybrid Bulitex-Versitex glass matrix. Panels are easily repaired by applying low heat.


BXR Product Video
Duration: 1:50
BXR video.
BXR layers BXR Series Translucent Roof BXR Series Translucent Roof - interior photo


PropertyUnitsValueTest Method
Multi-Axial Impact Strengthft-lbs13.3ASTM D3763
Flexural Strength10³psi40ASTM D790
Flexural Modulus10⁶psi1.6ASTM D790
Tensile Strength10⁶psi42ASTM D638
Tensile Modulus10⁶psi1.8ASTM D638
Tensile Elongation%2.9ASTM D638
Specific Gravity 1.5
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion10-⁵/ºF1
Thermal Conductivity (K)Btu-in/hr-ft²-ºF0.54
Nominal Thicknessin..075
Light Transmittance (UV)%2.3
Light Transmittance (Visual)%17.1
Light Transmittance (Solar)%14.5
Nominal Weightlbs./ft²0.51
Widthin.96 & 102-5/8
Lengths Cut to size* or coils to 600’
Finish *Subject to minimum order quantities.