Customer Care and Support

US Liner backs our high-technology composite sheet products with unmatched customer service and support. Our customer care representatives are available Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm, ET.

For immediate support during regular office hours, contact US Liner Toll Free at 1-800-USLINER (1-800-875-4637).

You can also send an email inquiry to US Liner at or by completing the information request form available on this site.

Sales Information Kit

Request your FREE copy of our complete material sales kit, including brochures, material samples and detailed product comparisons.


US Liner's advanced thermoplastic composite materials are engineered to be easily repaired in the field. With our quick and easy repair kit and commonly available tools, your maintenance staff will be able to maintain the integrity of your liners and skirts for years to come. For information on ordering a repair kit for your application, contact your US Liner sales representative.

For step-by-step repair instructions, view our "How To" Repair Video.

Credit Application

To set-up an account with USLCO, you can use our friendly online application or download the application and fax it back to begin the approval process.

How to order

US Liner makes ordering material simple and easy with five convenient options:

  1. By Phone: 1.800.US LINER or 724.776.4044
    Our friendly and knowledgeable team of representatives is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (EST) to place your order and answer any questions you may have.
  2. By Fax: 724.776.4045
    Simply fax your purchase order any time of day.
  3. By Email: You can email your purchase order to
  4. By Mail: You can easily place your order via USPS mail by sending to:
    US Liner Company
    19 Leonberg Road
    Cranberry Twp. PA 16066
    Attn: Customer Care Dept. – Order Enclosed
  5. By Local Sales Representative: Your local sales representative is available to help you place your order and answer any questions.

US Liner Terms and Conditions

Review or download the Terms and Conditions governing the sale of US Liner products.
View online | Download PDF

Order Confirmation

Every order received will have a follow-up order confirmation sent within 48 hours for your review. We recommend checking for any discrepancies upon receipt. If changes are necessary, please notify your customer care representative immediately.

If you do not see an order confirmation after 48 hours, please call your customer care representative or resend your Purchase Order.

Lead Time Confirmation

You'll know in advance when your order will ship so you can spend less time following up and more time strengthening customer confidence.

How Are We Doing?

Our goal is to make purchasing from USLCO a great experience. We strive to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Please help us achieve our goal by taking a few moments to complete our survey.

Material Warranty

We stand behind our quality products - Period! More info.

Material Damaged

Please report any damage caused during transit immediately to a US Liner Customer Care Representative upon receipt. Please check material closely; photos of the damage may be requested and/or the material returned to US Liner for evaluation.

Short Shipment

Short shipments must be reported to US Liner within 48 hours of receipt of order.

Please fax a copy of the signed Bill of Lading and packing slip to your US Liner Customer Care Representative and note the item and number of pieces short.

Replacement Sales Order

If a replacement sales order is required, the new sales order will be invoiced for the price of goods sold. If material is required to be returned, a credit memo will be issued to the invoice pertaining to the return. Please see Return Material Authorization.

Return Material Authorization

A Returned Material Authorization Number (RMA#) must be obtained from US Liner's Customer Care Department by calling 1-800-US Liner or 724-776-4044 prior to returning material. US Liner's receiving department will not accept delivery without a RMA #.

Please note that receiving a RMA does not automatically authorize invoice deductions. A thorough inspection of the material must be conducted by a US Liner Quality Team member. If a credit memo is authorized, it will be issued only after this inspection is completed.

Please contact your US Liner customer care representative for shipping arrangements to return material. Remember to always clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of each returned item.

Please provide the following information to receive a RMA number:

  1. Your purchase order number
  2. US Liner's Sales Order Number
  3. US Liner's Invoice Number
  4. Explanation for RMA request

Invoice Debits

Debits on invoices are not to be taken without US Liner's prior authorization.

Please provide the following information to receive a credit memo authorizing an invoice to be short-paid:

  1. Your purchase order number
  2. US Liner's Sales Order Number
  3. US Liner's Invoice Number
  4. Explanation for debit request