Industry Solutions

Increasingly, contractors and manufacturers are finding new, innovative uses for the wide range of sheet composite products from US Liner. Engineered to combine light weight and durability, our composite sheet products are proving to be stronger than steel, aluminum, plywood and traditional fiberglass panels.

With a diverse assortment of panel fabrications, we offer ease of installation, a lower comparative weight and high impact resistance. Our finishes offer effective resistance to mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Surfaces are easy to clean for low maintenance and are well suited for applications where sanitary and clean conditions must be maintained.

Building Products

Throughout building and construction, sheet materials are found in numerous applications. Wall and ceiling panels, decorative wall panels in commercial and residential buildings, graffiti-resistant surfaces, security panels, concrete forms, low-maintenance surfaces in commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, baths and public spaces.

US Liner's Versitex sheeting provides specifying engineers with a cost-effective, durable alternative to traditional sheeting materials. To learn more about how US Liner’s family of composites can meet your building applications requirements, contact us.

Recreational Vehicles

When it comes to providing materials that are lightweight, durable and applicable to a variety of applications, recreational vehicle manufacturers turn to US Liner. Our Versitex composite sheets are rugged, resist delaminating and are virtually impervious to the heat, cold and moisture.

Versitex panels are easy to work with and can be formed to a variety of design requirements. Season after season, RV owners appreciate the durability of Versitex panels and that they are easy to clean and maintain. When you specify US Liner Versitex panels in your RV construction, your customers will have more time enjoying the great outdoors.

Because Versitex is manufactured with environmentally-friendly materials and is formaldehyde free, it’s unlikely to cause undesirable allergic reactions common with many wood-based alternatives. Contact a US Liner sales representative today to learn more about how US Liner composites can work in your RV application.

Truck/Trailer Vehicles

Since introducing Bulitex thermoplastic composite sheeting in the 1990's, US Liner has set the standard for impact resistant liner materials in the truck trailer industry.

Our revolutionary Versitex composite panels have set the standard in trailer protection. Today, trailer manufacturers know they can trust Versitex to provide unmatched durability. Scuff liners, wall panels and door and sub pan liners stand up to heavy abuse by forklifts, shifting cargo and other impact better than any material.

Built-in stain- and abrasion-resistance reduces fleet maintenance costs and Versitex's light weight reduces operating costs mile after mile.


Public transportation vehicles- busses, subways and shuttles – are subject to constant wear from weather, client abuse and environmental factors.

Thermoplastic composite panels from US Liner provide an affordable, yet durable, option for vehicle designers. Flexible, lightweight, graffiti-resistant and easy-to-maintain, Bulitex and Versitex panels can be molded to complex shapes. Truly versatile, the materials are ideal for interior flooring, headliners, dividers, wall liners, door panels and instrument/dash panels.

In external applications, Versitex and Bulitex panels give designers greater reign over vehicle design and structure capabilities in areas such as vehicle cowling, lamp surrounds, bumpers and enunciator signage and aerodynamic body shielding.


Backed by proven performance in over-the-road trucking applications, Versitex is the material of choice for protecting the interiors of intermodal shipping containers.

With superior durability and impact resistance, Versitex also provides significant weight savings over traditional wood sheeting materials, and is resistant to moisture and humid conditions at sea.

In refrigerated container applications, Versitex and our “green” alternative Ecotex panels can provide thermal protection to protect perishables and other temperature sensitive cargo.

Material Handling and Storage

Engineered composites from US Liner are highly versatile and may be substituted for many applications traditionally using wood, aluminum, steel and fiberglass.

US Liner panels can be manufactured into pallets, material handling bind and totes; dry storage containers; and shipping and cargo modules. Composite panels from US Liner can be fabricated in a variety of thicknesses. The solid construction and lighter weight of Versitex, Bulitex and Ecotex panels provide products with impact resistance, a surface that will not crack or chip. Materials fabricated of US Liner composites are unaffected by water and humidity, therefore, they will not rust over time, protecting your investment.