Find the right material for your application.

The next generation of reinforced thermo composite technology.

The result of an entirely new manufacturing process, Versitex is the affordable choice for applications requiring strength and durability in a lightweight material. Competitively priced to conventional fiberglass-reinforced polyester (FRP), Versitex provides superior mechanical properties. It's available in multiple configurations and thicknesses to suit a variety of applications.

The GREEN alternative providing value and performance.

Engineered to replace wood, fiberglass and steel and other non-reinforced recycled materials, Ecotex is superior at resisting rot, corrosion, mildew and chemical intrusion. Ecotex provides exceptional impact resistance and is particularly suitable for interior wall applications.

Superior thermal efficiency in a patented composite with exceptional strength.

Strong, thin and light, Bulitex outperforms traditional FRP in strength and durability. Its patented composite structure offers superior thermal performance. When used in thermal-sensitive applications, Bulitex can reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Also available in Bulitex Hybrid offering reduced weight and lower cost.