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Untreated/Treated Comparison

Unmatched Protection and Compliance

The panel walls and surfaces of a trailer can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus – and in this moist and humid environment, microorganisms can double in number every 20 minutes.

US Liner is the only provider of FDA-compliant refrigerated walls for reefer fleets. Now, to further ensure the highest safety standards for your cargo, we offer Versitex® AM walls with SANAFOR® antimicrobial technology.

Versitex® AM was developed exclusively for US Liner by the manufacturer of SANAFOR® antimicrobial technology to ensure the best antimicrobial protection available for reefer fleet panels while offering unmatched regulatory compliance. Unlike competitive products, Versitex® AM with SANAFOR® :

SANAFOR® is also approved for use in Europe under BPR and REACH requirements and in several Asia Pacific countries according to their specific guidelines.

Untreated/Treated Chart

Proven Effectiveness

Versitex® AM panels provide effective antimicrobial protection against bacterial growth. In laboratory tests at usage levels equivalent to that incorporated into Versitex® AM walls, SANAFOR® demonstrated a 99.99% reduction in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterial growth using the ISO 22196 24-hour test method. The untreated control had little to no reduction in bacterial growth.

Versitex® AM panels provide strong antimicrobial protection against fungal growth. In laboratory tests at usage levels equivalent to that incorporated into Versitex® AM walls, SANAFOR® demonstrated a 90% reduction in fungal growth using the ASTM E2180 48-hour test method. The untreated control had no reduction in fungal growth.

When surfaces treated with SANAFOR® PO5 were abraded with scouring pads and sand paper, washed and dried, they still demonstrated reduced bacterial and fungal growth by over 99.99%. SANAFOR® has also been tested and proven at extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Your Trusted Source

As a trusted source for FDA-compliant liners, US Liner has been setting the standard for safe food transport for the past 20 years. Pairing our products with SANAFOR® ensures the most effective and compliant solution for safeguarding your cargo.

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General Information


Testing Information

Antimicrobial Testing of Refrigerated Trailer Interior Linings

Antibacterial performance (Gram negative) with test method ISO 22196 Antifungal performance with test method ASTM 2180 Antibacterial performance (Gram positive) with test method ISO 22196


The antibacterial test ISO 22196 reveals excellent activity against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria for Versitex® AM-treated samples (~4 log reductions). The antifungal test ASTM 2180 also shows very good activity for both Versitex® AM-treated samples (>90% reduction)



SANAFOR® at a Glance

The addition of SANAFOR® to Versitex® AM refrigerated walls provides broad-spectrum, built-in antimicrobial protection that:

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